Orange: Display all the Kyusho events
橘色:急所術 相關活動
Blue: Display all the WAKO Kickboxing events
藍色:WAKO 踢拳道 相關活動
Green: Display all the ITF Taekwondo events
綠色:ITF 跆拳道 相關活動

 *Only Official Kyusho class are shown. SGL sessions will be displayed separately.
**Please note that International event dates may vary therefore sometimes scheduled kyusho sessions will be modified. Remember to always check the calendar to confirm your class.
***If you are interested in organizing a seminar with the leader Asia Instructor Daniel Obon, please check the available dates with anticipation and contact us here 

3.若您有興趣與亞洲講師Daniel Obon 參與組織研討會請確認日期與我們聯繫。 

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