You know kyusho,
You have seen Kyusho,
you have felt Kyusho,

This is your opportunity to detailed study what it was taught in the 5th Kyusho Asia Master Seminar. Every year we organize in Taiwan an International convention with around 80 participants. Most of them are direct students of Daniel "FLASH" Obon, Kyusho Asia leader instructor. Many others comes from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Nicaragua, USA and other countries to join this incredible training experience. In this 5th edition we have gone through basic Kyusho to more advanced drills and tactics. Almost 12 hours of class, 2 days seminar were filmed and edited into a 3 hours HD video so that you can revive the same experience we had.

這是與我們一同參與第五屆急所術亞洲大師研習營的機會。每年我們在台灣舉辦這個國際研習活動,大約有80個參與者,他們大多是Daniel“FLASH” Obon亞洲急所術講師所帶領的學生,更有許多來自香港、馬來西亞、澳大利亞、尼加拉瓜、美國和其他國家的同學一同參與了這個精采的培訓過程。在第五屆的研討會中,我們從基礎急所術一直到更高階段的實作和戰術演練。兩天近12個小時的培訓課程拍攝並編輯成3小時的高清視頻影像,透過影像你將與我們一同經歷這次精彩的培訓過程!

In this video you will see

急所術 推手(24分鐘)
Kyusho Tui-shou (24 minutes)
急所術 環境訓練-捷運(12分鐘)
Kyusho Situational training in the subway (12 minutes)
急所術 三戰應用(44分鐘)
Kyusho in Sanchin form (44 minutes)
急所術 手肘應用(1小時5分鐘)
Kyusho Elbow series (1 hour 5 minutes)
急所術  Tegumi手組(18分鐘)
Kyusho Tegumi (18 minutes)


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這部完整影片的價格是50usd(約 1500NT)

大師營2016 Asia Seminar Taiwan


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